AngularJS vs. Angular 2 : What’s the Difference?

Today, Angular JS has been one of the widely used front-end JavaScript frameworks for designing dynamic web applications. Now, coming to present times,

Today, however, if you are looking to create a dynamic web app, then, by all means, you will opt for a company providing Angular2 development services. Let’s see the difference between AngularJS VS. Angular 2 in detail.


AngularJS is a front-end, open-source web application framework based on JavaScript. AngularJS uses HTML as a template in the framework where data & expression are merged to create an expressive environment for developing web apps quickly. AngularJS uses the controller approach where the view communicates using a $scope.

  • AngularJS was released by Google in the year 2010.
  • AngularJS JavaScript-based framework for creating SPA.
  • The architecture of AngularJS is based on MVC.
  • AngularJS code can write by using only ES5, ES6, and Dart.
  • Factory, service, provider, value and constant are used for AngularJS services.
  • AngularJS still can be supported but no longer will be developed.
  • AngularJS was developed based for web development.
  • Ng-app and angular bootstrap functions are used to initialize.
  • AngularJS Run on only client

Angular JS Top Features

MVC Framework

MVC stands for model view controller architecture of AngularJS is dynamic in nature. Here Model covers the data & logic part of the application, View covers the aesthetics of the app, the controller connects these two, & enables the apps to function together as a whole. That’s why all the components are built separately & combined later.

User Interface

For creating user interface, AngularJS use basic HTML tags.

Code Less, Do More

One of the biggest benefits AngularJS provides you is less code required for creating the same functionality with AngularJS than with the jQuery libraries and data binding is a strong reason behind this.


Two-way data binding: This helps in creating synchronization between the model and the view. The changes made in the model gets instantly reflected in the view, and the changes in the view get instantly reflected in the models. This is useful in creating SPAs.

Generally, AngularJS expressions are written inside two curly braces. {{expression}} which are used for two way data binding.


AngularJS filter helps in creating the pagination system that filters the data array with respect to the given parameters. For example, suppose there is a data array that contains all the natural numbers less 7 i.e. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7].

Now suppose a filter is applied that allows only numbers less than 6 to be added to the resultant array. Therefore, the resultant array will be [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. This is possible by using the AngularJS filters.

Code Less, Do More

One of the biggest benefits AngularJS provides you is less code required for creating the same functionality with AngularJS than with the jQuery libraries and data binding is a strong reason behind this.


Angular2 is the next version of AngularJS, but it’s a complete rewrite of Angular counterpart and uses the component-based approach. Angular 2 is used for developing HTML and JavaScript web apps.

  • Angular2 Released in Sept 2016.
  • The class is the only method to define services in Angular2.
  • Angular2 is a complete re-write of the AngularJS version.
  • Angular2 runs on both client-side & server-side.
  • The architecture of Angular 2 is based on service/controller.
  • Angular 2 is a mobile-oriented framework.
  • You can use ES5, ES6, and Typescript to write an Angular 2 code.
  • The controllers are replaced by components, and Angular2 is completely component-based.
  • bootstrapmodule () function is used to initialize.
  • Its updated version regularly released because of Semantic Versioning.

Angular 2 Top Features

Mobile Development

Angular 2 is helpful in developing responsive mobile applications.


The dynamic loading feature helps in reducing the load time and makes the performance better.


Features like location service and navigational model has improved the routing service in Angular 2.


Angular 2 applications can be run on all the devices and platforms like android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Browser Support

Angular 2 supports all modern browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.


The above comparison clearly shows that while Angular2 is at an edge over its elder sibling, the former is still not out of the game completely. Do let us know which one you will like to prefer over others and why?

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